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Here at Pinnacle Pool Company, our goal is to provide customer satisfaction! We want to take the worry and stress out of owning a pool, so you can rest assured knowing Pinnacle has you covered. 

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Your pool is a place of relaxation. Let’s make it cleaner! Call us to keep the water clear and free from algae, rust stains, or other debris so that you can swim in comfort all year round.


We offer weekly pool maintenance to keep your swimming pool looking its best. Keeping your pool looking clean and inviting is our number one priority. 


Pool and filter repairs can be a hassle, but we make it easy for you to enjoy your pool all summer long. Our trained technicians can diagnose and quote any issue with your pool equipment. 

Pool Cleaning San Antonio, TX

When you’re looking for a trusted pool cleaning company in San Antonio, TX, then look no further than Pinnacle Pool Company. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction and offer our clients superior service and the best of everything when it comes to their pools. We want to take the worry and stress out of owning a pool, so you can rest assured knowing Pinnacle has you covered. Call today for your FREE quote! We service San Antonio and surrounding areas!


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Top Rated Pool Cleaning Service Provider

Pinnacle Pool Company is a renowned pool cleaning company in San Antonio, TX. Our top-notch customer service and stellar reputation have made us one of the most reputable companies around! Our expert team will make sure your pool stays clean, beautiful and healthy with our fast service!

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Roger Galeano
Roger Galeano
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Kory is a top notch pool technician. He’s responsive and very honest, just an all around great resource for all of your pool service needs.
Debra Crawford
Debra Crawford
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Awesome service. Kory was very professional and he did a great job on our pool.
Joseph Bellanger
Joseph Bellanger
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been using pinnacle pool for a few months now and their service is amazing. Would highly recommend their services.
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez
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Great company and Kory was awesome to work with!

Our Pool Cleaning Services

With our Pool Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that your pool will be in tip top shape. We offer weekly maintenance for the swimming season to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently while maintaining its optimal chemical balance. Some other services we offer are pool draining and acid washing, algae treatment, pump and filter repairs. 

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Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is a necessary service that you need to maintain your swimming pool. Our pool cleaners will net the surface, sanitize, vacuum, balance chemicals and clean out the filters. we also offer other services such as winterization in order for pools stay open during winter. Give us a call today to find out more information on our pool cleaning services in San Antonio, TX. 

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Monthly Pool Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your pool looking great is with regular pool maintenance. With our weekly & bi weekly pool maintenance and cleaning service, you can keep your pool looking fresh all season long. We also perform an on-going check up every month and make sure all equipment like pumps, filters are working properly before they break down!

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Pool Filter & Pump Repairs

If your pool is not performing to its full potential, you might need pool filter repairs. Our pool repair technicians can diagnose and quote any issue with pool equipment so that we know what needs to be done in order for it to run smoothly again. Our team of specialists is trained to fix anything from pool pump repairs, filtration systems maintenance, or pool pump replacement. 

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Drain & Acid Washing

Let us assist you in transforming that ugly pool into the finest-looking pool you’ve ever seen! What we do with acid and drain wash entails removing all stains from both the sides and bottom of the pool as well as the drains. We’ll mix water with muriatic acid to completely remove any yellow stains. This will make it appear brand new without costing you a fortune to resurface your pool. 

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Chemical Service

Pool balance chemicals help prevent the growth of bacteria, algae, and other organisms in your swimming pool by making it easier for them not to exist. This is included in our pool maintenance service when our pool cleaners come out to ensure all equipment works properly. With our services, you won’t have to worry about adding chemicals to your pool. 

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Algae Treatment

A swimming pool is a great place to host parties and relax, but it can also be harmful if not maintained. When chlorine fails or algae begins taking over your water you’ll want to do something about that quickly before the chemicals start working less effectively on these pesky organisms than they should! Luckily there are treatments available for pools of all sizes!

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Affordable Pool Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a reputable pool cleaning company in San Antonio, TX? You’ve come to the right place! We’re the most popular pool cleaners and the most trusted provider of pool maintenance and repair services. You can rely on us to provide high-quality services and get your pool back up and running in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean a pool?

The best way to clean a pool is to do daily or weekly maintenance. There are three steps to cleaning a pool. First, vacuum and skim the surface of the pool and remove large debris such as leaves and insects. Next, take your brush and sweep the walls of the pool to break up deposits that have settled into cracks or mats around ladders or utilities in the pool. Lastly, take your net and scoop out what’s left. Also adding chemicals to balance pH levels to help prevent bacteria from growing. 

How do I make my pool water crystal clear?

If you want to make your pool crystal clear the best thing to do is hire a local pool cleaning company. However, in theory, if your swimming pool is hazy, you can shock the water and make it clearer by adding chlorine. Chlorine will get the job done. However, the amounts may differ, and you may have to really beat the pool with chlorine in order for the water to be completely clean.

What is the fastest way to clean a green pool?

The fastest way to turn a pool from green to blue is to follow these steps:

1: Check the pool water and adjust the chemicals and PH as needed. 2: Remove any debris in the pool with a net. 3: Shock the pool to break up clumps of dirt. 4: Brush the pool to remove loose debris. 5: Vacuum out the pool. For 24 hours, run the pump on and off.

Another option is to hire a professional pool cleaner to handle the whole process for you. 

Why did my pool turn green after I shocked it?

Shock treatments can make a pool turn green. However, if you accidentally let your pool get cloudy before giving a shock treatment, some of that stuff will still be suspended in the water and will react with free chlorine from the shock to create colored chloramines. Chloramines cause your pool’s pH to change as well as change its appearance from crystal clear blue water to murky green. When shock chlorine oxidizes the copper, it changes color to green, which is what you’re seeing in the pool. To get rid of it, raise the calcium hardness of the pool by adding calcium chloride. High levels of pollen might also be a factor.

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If you’re looking for a pool cleaning service in San Antonio, TX that will give your pool the attention and care it deserves to keep it clean and beautiful all year long, we can help. We provide service to pools of all shapes, sizes, and types. Our customer-centric approach has helped us stand out among other companies because we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients. Call us today at (210) 213-6092 to receive a free consultation on pricing and availability for our services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!